Before you travel around Italy, learning a few key words and phrases could make your experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

You will be able to say ‘hi’ to the locals, ask and answer basic questions, and begin to tune your ears into the spoken language.


Yes = Si’

No = No

Thank you (very much) = Grazie (mille)

You are welcome = Prego

Excuse me = Mi scusi

I am sorry = Mi dispiace/scusa


Hello = Salve/Ciao

Good morning = Buongiorno

Good evening = Buona sera

Good night = Buona notte

Good bye = Ci vediamo


Where is ….? = Dov’ è ….?

How much is the ticket to ….? = Quanto costa il biglietto per ….?

One way/ return ticket = biglietto di sola andata/ andata e ritorno

Platform = Binario

Arrivals = Arrivi

Departures = Partenze

Subway = Metropolitana (Metro)

Train = Treno

Bus stop = Fermata dell’autobus

Sciopero = Strike  😉


Hotel = Albergo

Reservation = Prenotazione

Breakfast included = Colazione inclusa

Check-in = Fare il check in

Check-out = Fare il check out

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