I can warmly recommend the Italian Book Club. For me it has proven to be an oasis of fun and culture in a busy week. Over the past year, Monica has expertly guided us through all four of Elena Ferrante’s ‘Neapolitan Novels’ – and what an enjoyable experience that has been. Together we have shared the joys, dramas, tragedies and triumphs of the Brilliant Friends. Remember the thrill of learning how to read for the first time? Well, you can recapture the sheer pleasure of reading – this time, in Italian! Having regretfully said goodbye to Elena Ferrante, we are now embarking on a new novel: ‘Anna’ by Niccolò Ammaniti . The Italian Book Club provides an excellent way to improve your fluency and knowledge of Italian, in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. You will find your ability to read, understand and speak steadily improving week by week. Monica prepares questions for each session which enable us to ‘tease out’ the nuances of the story, and provide a springboard for wide-ranging discussions. Whenever we veer too far from the subject under discussion (often with hilarious results), Monica gently steers us back. And all of this takes place in Italian!

Enza’s one-on-one teaching has fast tracked my knowledge of the Italian language. Her explanations are succinct and clear, and her classes are never boring. She makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Monica is exactly the teacher I wanted when I came back from my language intensive in Italy: a native speaker, she is so pleasant and is such a terrific, encouraging teacher. She pays great attention to detail and manages to note areas that require attention in a natural fashion, explaining grammar and vocabulary in the context of our conversations, as well as providing additional structured practice.  For five years now she has made learning Italian a real pleasure for me and I look forward to every lesson.


Who doesn’t love Italian art? Here is the course for you. This is an excellent course, tailored for group or individual lessons, with an experienced graduate in fine arts. I am thoroughly enjoying these lessons, which range across the usual areas of the Italian renaissance, but also touch upon lesser known Italian art movements, such as the Macchiaoli who were the precursors to the French Impressionists, and early Etruscan art and byzantine mosaics. Enza, the teacher, is also passionate about female artists such as Artimesia Gentileschi, whose tragic story is almost incomprehensible to our post feminist age. Enza adapts the course content to the student’s interest, so there is total flexibility with no strict formula. I am also learning more about modern and very interesting movements, such as Italian futurism, and understanding their political and social connections. So, in addition to covering the great artists, such as Rafaello, Michelangelo, Caravaggio etc, this course allows you to put Italian art in its correct historical context. All this is done in an informative and chatty style, suitable for all levels, and will improve not only your knowledge of Italian art history, but also will improve your vocabulary and conversational skills. This is the best way in a relaxed manner, over a coffee, snack, or glass of wine, to improve your Italian fluency through the medium of art. I am addicted to this mode of effortless learning! You will find yourself discussing the finer details of Italian art, almost without even being aware of how your fluency is increasing. Thoroughly recommended!

(Adult student)

I have been having one to one 60 minute lessons with Monica now for over a year and intend to continue for as long as she is willing to teach! Monica is very personable, is always prepared for the lessons, is incredibly patient and her explanations of the Italian grammar (something I find very difficult!) are outstanding. I love the way her lessons are a mix of conversation, grammar and reading. If you are looking for an Italian tutor, you won’t find someone better than Monica.

Monica is a superb Italian Language Tutor. She employs a variety of teaching methods to make sessions interesting and ensure their effectiveness. She pitches her effort at the right level. Her lessons are a balanced mix of conversation, grammar and reading aloud designed to rapidly improve skill and confidence. Monica is always well prepared. You quickly realize she is already aware of your areas of difficulty and has selected the most appropriate exercises to assist. She gauges your appetite for homework and selects material accordingly. Her explanations are clear and accurate.

(Mature age student attending two 90 min one-on-one session each week)

I have been attending one-on-one 60 minute lessons with Monica for two years. Our lessons are always well planned and personalised. With Monica’s skill and humour, I continue to  consolidate my language skills and always look forward to our lessons.    


I love learning Italian with Monica! I want to be able to converse in Italian so I need to improve my listening and speaking. I believe Monica, a professional teacher, knows how to help me reach my goal.

My class has only three students, so we each get a lot of time to speak and have fun doing it. Can you believe three students talk for about 45 minutes to an hour? This is possible because Monica selects material for our homework, often a film or an episode of a serial and we prepare our thoughts, understandings and questions. Monica only intervenes to clarify. In the final part of the class, Monica uses the textbook to introduce new grammar. Homework (apart from the film) is from the textbook and sometimes a handout provides extra practice.

I believe that Monica, a gentle and down to earth Italian teacher, knows how students learn so her classes are effective and very enjoyable.


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